What I do around here.

Welcome to my Sunshine Studio! Tarynn Michelle. 

Here I love the unique.  I love the strange, the odd, the bright, the bold.  I love the ability to take different colors, different textures, different ideas, and meld them all together to create a one of a kind piece of art that will be a fabulous addition to any ensemble. I incorporate history into my bags for a few reasons.

I know people love the different colors and unique patterns of years past just as much as I do. 

I know that memories from our past, childhoods, firsts, can invoke an incredible sense of happiness that can only come from that sense of nostalgia. 

Simply put. History is fascinating. The Victorian age.  Early Americana. The roaring 20s. Learning about different events and what others who lived before us dealt with, or had to endure, or enjoyed, can give us a range of emotions from wonder and awe to heartbreak and sadness.  

Antiques are a big part of culture. Collecting, displaying, just owning some little piece of something we had some connection to through reading or experience.  

I wanted to take that fascination, and make it functional.  Not just a fabric collection that sits in a closet, or some relic that sits in a box on a shelf, but something to be enjoyed.  Something that could be shared and seen.  Take one saved preserved piece of fabric and spread the love to be enjoyed by many.  

Thats just cool!

I have just scratched the surface of what history I can include in my bags. 

Creativity has always pulled at my heart strings, and thankfully, through the grace of God I am able to share this with the world. This is what I was created to do.  To create and bring joy. Share kindness and love.  Be a positive beacon of light in this world and teach gratitude and appreciation for this wonderful life we have been blessed with. 

Tarynn Michelle